Beeswax bowl cover

Beeswax Bowl Covers

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I started making bowl covers because sometimes I just wanted to simply pop a top on my bowl and put it in the fridge or take it to a BBQ with a yummy salad in it.

There are 6 sizes available and each has a maximum diameter shown.

Mini 15 cm

Small 18 cm

Medium 22 cm

Large 25 cm

X Large 30 cm

XX Large 34 cm

Sold as singles.

Hand made in Nelson New Zealand using 100% cotton, these bowl covers have a elastic insert. They are also infused with our own special blend of local bees wax, with tree resin and coconut oil. 

Simple to take care of ,wash with cold water and a clean cloth you can use a little detergent, then air dry.

Do not use to cover raw meat and avoid heat- no dishwasher's, microwaves or hot water.